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This Great State Podcast - intro & outro

Production by Carly Jean
Original music by Lindsay Keast

This Great State is a radio program that aims to revere, celebrate and promote a state of thriving in Oregon by sharing important stories. On This Great State, they gather around around their newfangled radio-devices to share, revere and celebrate Oregon stories. They promise to inform, delight, and connect fellow Oregonians through important connections created on this show!

"Collaborating with Lindsay helped me clarify the true values I was hoping to imbue in my radio program. Already a big fan of Lindsay’s art and music projects, she was my obvious first-choice composer for building an intro/outro theme when I started a podcast about life in Oregon. She took a lot of time cultivating an accurate, shared sense of what I hoped for in a theme by asking me to list descriptor words for moods and ideas captured by the podcast. She had me submit example tracks from other artists who inspired me, and describe to her what it was about their compositions that felt like a fit for the show. Lindsay used her wide lexicon of composition language to translate something ephemeral into a beautiful piece. The product captured subtle themes of slow-but-steady progress, positivity, and contemplative discussion. Lindsay has major natural talent for mood creation through music and she’s a delight to work with; her professionalism impressed me deeply. I still get goosebumps when I hear her song." - Carly Jean, Producer of This Great State

CJ Daytrotter.jpg

CJ Boyd (Ft. Sister Grotto) - "Hell Bent & Heaven-Sent"

Performance by C.J. Boyd and Madeline Johnston (Sister Grotto)
Original composition by Lindsay Keast
Recording engineered by Mike Gentry at Horseshack Studio in Rock Island, Illinois for daytrotter.com
Illustration by Johnnie Cluney


TOM TOM Magazine Feature: "EZ Pain Solutions" for Drummers

Videos illustrating easy techniques to relieve problem areas for drummers, featuring Doc Heff, Angela Rauch, and Lindsay Keast. Photograph and videos by DEFT